• Ruslan

Cycling of life

I biked at speed from the hill with my arms stretched out and let the summer sun burn my face. Thoughts were devoted to the wind rustling in my ears: Nothing keeps me in place. I am not attached to anything right now. I am free. I'm flying.⠀

For the fourth day in a row, I have been cycling: 20 kilometers, 40, 20, 30. I have already stopped counting the numbers, but just enjoying the freedom of movement, muscles burning, and the cycling of my legs. They pedaled relentlessly while my thoughts were devoted to themselves. They were busy with nothing specific. They were about everything and, at the same time, about nothing.⠀

I sympathize with the culture of cycling that's actively developing in Europe, major cities of my country, and Asia. While I was living in China, I enjoyed cycling if time and weather allowed me. A special kind of mobikes (public bicycles) are widely spread there. This system is very convenient: you do not need to invest a lot in the purchase of a vehicle or worry about its safety or maintenance. You just need to scan the code, pay a couple of yuan and, after cycling, lock it, and leave it anywhere on the pavement. It would be cool if, in every major city with cars, a bicycle would be offered as a good alternative.⠀

Cycling, we care not only about our body shapes but also about the environment. Think about how much time you will spend tonight in the gym doing cardio, meanwhile have already traveled the whole city in your polished car.⠀

To me, life seems like some kind of adventure in which we choose a route, go uphill, downhill, and uphill again. We do so until we reach the destination. Eventually, the trip is over, if you please. Is there any difference who arrives first and who arrives last? Who will drive honestly giving way to pedestrians, and who will be cutting off the route? I think there is no significant difference. The question is: did you catch the buzz from the trip or did you just drive because it's necessary.⠀

Every time I get on my bike, I give myself the freedom to go wherever I want, as long as I want - until the sun goes down, and until I come to my destination. Home.