• Ruslan

It's time to pay the bills

Self-isolation, quarantine, COVID-19 ... Well, perhaps it's time to write a story, a novel, a biography, well, I don't know how this plays out. Recently, more and more memories of the past are popping up in my mind. In essence, the brain begins a thorough cleaning on the dusty shelves of the vast experience, rescued from the everyday hustle and bustle. Everything that is happening now outside the windows of my house is something far beyond any of the ways. Communications between countries are blocked, people are on total self-isolation. Many people have lost people closest to them, their work, or their livelihoods. The world is slowly but surely tending towards a black hole. No, not the one that wakes up or falls asleep from time to time, an honored guest of NASA's news reports. Everything is banality just: the flip side of the coin of humankind's achievements is the black hole into which the world moves by inertia. Yes, yes, for all that, we were working so hard: globalization, large cities, convenient subway, chain supermarket around the corner - many of these things are now playing against us. People are going from one extreme to another. Some praise the virus and considers it as a blessing sent down to save humanity or to carry out a "purge." Someone sees it as a rising threat to humankind and assigns the virus to the biological weapon. In my understanding, the situation is quite simple. As in politics, I believe that if I cannot influence the case, then it is easier to adapt to it. I agree it's a huge inconvenience, a fundamental change in all plans for the future. But it could have been much worse. Therefore, I consider that in this situation, it is better to pay attention to the pros rather than cons. Like the whole world, by its inertia, grasping everything with the help of what leaders and creators have been motivating humanity, I was in a rat race for the best. Excellent work, a happy life, new adventures, hobbies, tries, and experiments - all this has become a list of the things filling my life. The time of each day slipped away from my hands, which were so carefully creating their world. And at some point, I realized that the creation of this own world is made by inertia, not being aware of the purpose of its foundation. At some point, I realized that my world was slowly but surely tending towards the same black hole. And I wouldn't want all the experience and achievements to start playing against me, showing the other side of the coin. No, not now.

I humbly accepted self-isolation and quarantine. Not as a jail cell that was restricting movements, but as a spacious room full of air and freedom for the pause, always lacking.

All of us have now taken this pause: someone on our own, someone by force. And everyone has the right to decide what to do during this time and how to spend it. The economy and many businesses are at the same pause. It certainly gave freedom to nature and the animal world that can now breathe that oxygen, which on the planet is becoming less and less. The pause that placed in a jail cell all of those who used this oxygen for their gain. And what does this pause represent to you? This general madness, or let's call it cliche Coronavirus. Have you decided whether to blame it on all your falls or to benefit from it? And how exactly? Leave your comments below the text! In these stories, I'm not going to take sides or criticize all the benefits of civilization, which I (by the way) praise enough. Here I would like to tell you about my life - the one I chose and those decisions for which I (I think everyone should) am responsible. I don't remember who exactly said this phrase. On websites, it credits to Marilyn Monroe, and Jennifer Lopez used it at one of her enchanting performances. By the way, I also did not neglect to use it under other, no less compelling circumstances, which you are likely to know about a little bit later. So, the phrase that became the motto of my life and an introduction to this story:

Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the drama. Take chances and never have regrets; because, at one point, everything you did was exactly what you wanted.

This phrase has many forms on the web. Though, like its existence throughout my life, it had some changes, notes, and comments. However, the base remained unchanged. Here I would like to talk about some of the decisions that I made on my life path: right and planned, impulsive and silly, risky, and fatal. Of course, under the names of fictional characters, under different circumstances, but still, my own decisions. I believe that the personal life of every person, including the writer, has the right to remain private. Some of my friends, perhaps, will recognize themselves or even me as characters of these stores. Some readers will come across the idea that in such a situation, they have already made similar decisions. One way or another, all this will be only guesses of your imagination, which is going to be well played by me. Call it a confession or memoirs, a story, or a novel. Each of us will make their own decision, the flip side of the coin of which will be the phrase: It's time to pay the bills.