• Ruslan

Who are you? What are you?

The other day I swung by the shop to buy a houseplant for my bedroom. I entered the store and saw a different variety of beautiful flowers standing in front of me. One ugly cactus caught my attention, and I asked myself: who on Earth needs it? I chose radiant Chinese orchid and went back home to organize my new corner.

After a couple of weeks, my flower started to drown. I went to the store to ask a salesman what's wrong with it. He explained to me that my plant needs special care, and I couldn’t just put in the corner of my room far from the sunlight.

Leaving the shop again, I ran across the same cactus, and I asked the man: hey, does anyone even buy ugly stuff like this? He smirked and came up with a short answer: everything in the world is suitable; only what’s not born could be not good.

In the evening, I was sitting in my room looking at the cactus standing on my windowsill. Mine was much more beautiful than the one in the store, yet not as pretty as the orchid. I drew a parallel between plants and people.

We are all so different, and each of us has its good and bad sides, but no one is unwanted. The question was: are you showing to the world the real you, or pretending to be somebody you are not?

What differs us from plants is that we can think, analyze, and draw conclusions. We are born being unique and can decide whom to be by ourselves: someone who is pretending to be an orchid or a cactus standing proud, not afraid to reveal its thorns.

I was sitting looking at my cactus, being grateful that it’s not drowning. I was even thinking of buying the ugly one from the store.

And then I realized how the savage realized that he exists: "If I can think, means I exist." However, he doubted everything, everything! Everything could be an illusion, a figment of the imagination. But then he realized that something gives rise to these thoughts, and therefore, that something must exist. And this is what he called I. And who are you? What are you?